Review: Sinag Tala by Sponge Cola

Sinag Tala by Sponge ColaSponge Cola may have gotten a bit complacent over the years – or maybe it’s my teenage years around the time of their debut talking – but they’re still able to pull out a good pop song every now and then. Sinag Tala, their latest album (or double EP, as they’re wont to put it) continues the trend: a perfectly serviceable record with some gems and some puzzling decisions. Thankfully that latter part comes on the first half (“Pasukan Na Naman” is supposed to be half-juvenile, right?), getting it out of the early. “Butterflies” could have tanked but was salvaged by commitment. “Pagtungo” is a solid anthem. “Bahaghari” worked better as an acoustic track, though – say what you want about the band, but they still do heartfelt songs pretty well (especially with Yan Yuzon on the right mode). Ultimately, I think Sinag Tala hit a snag because it’s designed to be a double EP put into one. The halves are glaring not because they’re very much different, but because you have a case for a full album with a bit of rearranging. [NB]3/5


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