Swap week three, day one: Niko takes on Demi Lovato

Swap Week“Trainwreck” by Demi Lovato | Welcome again to Swap Week, where one takes on a week’s worth of songs from another, for when things get incredibly busy, which is the case this week. This year, I take on Shalla’s picks again, which really shouldn’t be the case because we did the exact same thing last year. But now she’s taking a breather from K-pop (and leaving me behind), so she’s returning to the Western pop of her teenage years for this one. We begin with a Demi Lovato song that I did not expect to be… jazzy, for lack of a better term. Well, it is rockier than what you’d expect from a Disney pop star – then again, she did have strong pop-rock roots, but then again, this was when I started eschewing pop for more obscure things, so in the weird scheme of things, this was a pleasant surprise. Or maybe I’m saying this because she’s sitting right beside me, singing the song over and over. [NB]

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