Review: Wild World by Bastille

Wild World by BastilleMaybe I’m just not being perceptive, considering I’m writing this after a long (and very stressful) day, but really, what’s new with this? Wild World, the second album from Bastille, is really much of the same, although the songs tend to be more, um, political than that of their debut, Bad Blood. But whatever interesting things Dan Smith and gang may have to say tends to fade, if not disappear, because of just how same-y this entire album is: the vaguely tribal, industrial percussion; the whoas that have pervaded so-called indie pop like an epidemic; those snippets from old films that supposedly add a sheen of… authenticity? Mystery? Yeah, maybe I am just not being perceptive. When you sit back at the right time, some songs will hit you better than others. Even I had those moments – not that they were real signs of hope, but single “Good Grief” really is a swinger. Yet, ultimately, Wild World is more of the same. [NB]2/5


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