“Call up everyone that you know.”

“Make A Life” by Nick Jaina | More from the inbox, and more from the folks at Fluff and Gravy (hi John). Admittedly my busy schedule meant I failed to write this just before the album was released – this Friday! – but there’s something interesting in the sadness… well, it’s not really sadness, but more of a fatalistic shrug. Nick Jaina’s new album, Brutal Lives, traces its origin to music for a dance piece that was rejected for being too sad; perhaps it’s for the best, as its place is not as background for movement. But, again, the songs are more of a shrug than a weep, which is fascinating in itself, because it’s a mood you don’t often get in songs. You have to feel something, they say. What if you just can only watch on? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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