Review: I Remember by AlunaGeorge

I Remember by AlunaGeorgeIt’s been quite long since AlunaGeorge released Body Music, their buzzy debut – so long that, personally, they have disappeared off my radar. Insert narrative about how the sound they helped set has marched on while they toured and explored their boundaries. (They weren’t exactly gone, but the three years since their debut is a long time in pop music.) Thankfully I Remember doesn’t feel like a celebrated soldier returning to a wholly different world and being all dazed and confused about it: the duo instead slot in as if nothing much has changed. Well, there’s the urge to push their sound, which leads to a slightly scattershot album – tropical sounds and straightforward soul mingle with the expected 80s-90s-now sound they’ve nurtured – and yet it’s satisfying, all of it. “At least,” you go, “the wait was worth it.” I Remember would be a disaster if they stuck to their guns; instead, even if it doesn’t always pay off, their efforts to move their sound meant they haven’t been gone all this time doing nothing. In pop music, that’s important. [NB] | 4/5


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