Review: Pink Revolution by APink

Pink Revolution by APinkAPink has not strayed from their innocent (but not cloying) lane since their debut, but with Pink Revolution, their third full-length album, the, err, revolution is both subtle and shocking at the same time. Just one listen to the opening track (and lead single) “Only One” hints at a more mature sound that, save for a couple of tracks, builds towards something that’s not much of a grand statement but an expression of intent. Pink Memory was not cloying, sure, but it still had the hallmarks of your typical K-pop “innocent” sound. That album proved that the sound still suited them – especially when they swerve towards ballad territory, especially when Jung Eun-ji is leading the charge – but the entry of acts like GFriend somewhat made these vets stick out a bit. But, again, this isn’t a grand statement. It’s not a “we’re grown up” thing. They never needed to claim that. You don’t even get an inkling of it from the release of their fan appreciation single “The Wave”, which closes this record. Perhaps the most interesting thing about Pink Revolution is how it just happened – they themselves claim the decision to get producing team Black Eyed Pilseung for their lead single came naturally – and it’s so much of a no-brainer you don’t even notice it. [NB]4/5

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