“Won’t you come meet me tonight?”

“One Way Ticket” by Midnight to Monaco | I first heard this song at around four in the morning last Tuesday. The rains were terrible and a series of unfortunate events meant our house was flooded on the inside, and as I bailed out the water, bucket by bucket, this song came on. Great introduction. Midnight to Monaco is a duo from Los Angeles – Ricky Ducati and Donnie Sloan – whose sound is like this mix of 80s French house and 90s bounce. We all like mining the past these days, of course, but “One Way Ticket” is quite irresistible, the way it soldiers on and on until you can’t help tapping your feet. Except for me. I couldn’t. My house is flooded – was flooded – and I can’t make a bigger mess than there already is. [NB]


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