Review: Three by Phantogram

Three by PhantogramI’m not sure what to make of Phantogram’s third album, Three. It’s both a good album and a disappointing one. It’s good because they’ve polished their sound while retaining the hard features that endeared them to fans in their previous two releases – especially in the first half, when things start in a haze and settle down into something quite fascinating. It’s disappointing because the album then descends into something quite unmemorable – stick-out-in-a-good-way “Answer” aside, they proceed to polish way too much and end with something serviceable, but bland in the Phantogram scheme of things. I listened to the album and liked it. I listened to the same album and found myself wanting more. Three is a two-faced record that somehow succeeded in showing two sides of the coin: the drive and the exhaustion that follows. Is that… deliberate? [NB]3/5


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