Review: Gameshow by Two Door Cinema Club

Gameshow by Two Door Cinema ClubDisclaimer: I’m probably one of the few guys who don’t get Two Door Cinema Club. It’s not necessarily because of my built-in dislike for obvious millennial bait. I just never really felt anything for their music: no urgency, no primal desire to groove, nothing. Gameshow does nothing to fix this perception. It’s another straightforward and ultimately forgettable record. Thing is, however, the band’s decision to mine the sound of 80s pop – all its glittery, glammy glory – rendered the songs in this record even more forgettable than, say, the highlights of their first two records. It’s like they decided to strip away anything that I might like from their sound – at a pinch, I can find something: there’s always a tension in their music that just brings them so close to, but so far from, bursting point – and instead delivered extremely safe, completely vanilla 80s pastiche. And yes, there are spotlights, but considering how uninspired it all sounds as a whole, you might as well forget there are any. [NB]2/5

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