Review: Pogi Years Old by Parokya ni Edgar

Pogi Years Old by Parokya ni EdgarIt’s been six years since Parokya ni Edgar released a new album, although they have released a bunch of tracks since their last album back in 2010. Most of those tracks – the collaborations with Rico Blanco; the “Bagsakan” redux “Ang Parokya” – appear on Pogi Years Old, although they mostly come at the end, killing some of the momentum the record had accumulated before hand. It’s a minor quibble, though. The record sees Parokya ni Edgar older, wiser, but still crazy enough to go with some novel concepts with all seriousness. This balance is best heard in tracks like “Si Aiza, Si Norma at si Jen” and “O Inday” – absurd premises, serious undertones, straightforward delivery. And then there’s a surprisingly straightforward cover of Jose Mari Chan‘s “Beautiful Girl” with on-off member Vinci Montaner. As for the rest, well, you might be looking for the bite of their early years, but the guys still hold their own, and Pogi Years Old has become, in some way, more of a comforting hug. I mean, Chito Miranda still can pull off that sound of yearning. [NB]4/5


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