Review: Warriors by Lisa Mitchell

Warriors by Lisa MitchellIt’s been a long time since Lisa Mitchell released her second full-length, Bless This Mess – and the wait was exacerbated by the seemingly aborted plans to go a bit bossa nova with the release of “Wah Ha” back in 2014. Warriors, then, has a lot of ground to cover, and the decision to restrict the toolbox to the basics – but not in a jazzy way, as we all thought – is both interesting and frustrating. Frustrating, because while her voice still suggests a wonderful traipse in the meadows with its quaint sensitivity, you feel like she can’t quite break out – she’s surrounded by more, um, conventional sounds; “The Boys” even feels like your typical pop song. And yet it has managed to put the spotlight on her storytelling: with a limited palette and less space for being quirky, it’s up to her lyrics to carry the weight, and the voice is still there. It may tend to all blend together at the end, but Warriors is interesting nonetheless. [NB]3/5


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