“I feel upset that I was a product.”

“Worms” by the Nick Valentini Collective | “Fusion” can be such a tricky adjective to deal with. What exactly are you on to? Will this even make sense to you? Sometimes it’s all a matter of timing. I listen to the songs before reading the PR copy presented to me. I enjoyed this song, and then I found out this Los Angeles band calls itself “fusion”, at least on their Facebook page. The Nick Valentini Collective says it’s merging indie rock, jazz, and psychedelic soul. I get here a pretty irresistible sound. “Worms” is the first track off their debut EP, No Time for Today, which should drop early next month. I like how complex yet easy this is; some things will play with your head, while the melody – a jumpy piece that later settles down into a pretty cathartic final act – eases you into a story of confusion and self-determination. A good first start. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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