“I’ll never turn you off.”

“Beep Beep Love” by Gruppo Sportivo | I have a feeling my Belgian radio phase is winding down, but not before a forgotten gem falling through its cracks and me catching it. Well, this song is in English, and it is sung by Dutch people, and it’s from the 1970s, although it didn’t sound like it when I heard it over the weekend. (This is a live video – the only one I could find on its proper speed.) Gruppo Sportivo was already an aberration by the time they released their debut album, Ten Mistakes, in 1977 – it was, after all, the height of the punk revolution in the United Kingdom, and against the likes of the Sex Pistols they were definitely pop. But there’s a streak of ska in this, their biggest hit, which managed to cross the channel, and later the Atlantic. I guess that’s subversion for you. [NB]

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