“Take this moment to decide.”

“Sun In An Empty Room” by the Weakerthans | These things should not come as a surprise. One, I have long heard of the Weakerthans – and have likely heard them on Canadian radio, being one of that country’s stalwarts – but I have neither actively sought them out nor paid attention to them. Two, that moment arrived because of some other different thing: “Sun In An Empty Room” is the theme to Heavyweight, the new podcast from Jonathan Goldstein, so I hear this song, or at least its opening bars, roughly every week. Three, when looking this song up for the blog, I was a bit dismayed to find out that they’re on hiatus. Great. Nothing solidifies my “always late” reputation than this. The song’s sentiments of a goodbye one has to take, and all that comes with it – “take this moment to decide” – fits well with Heavyweight‘s exploration of past mistakes and regrets, more so the latest episode, which involves Jonathan reconnecting with his very first girlfriend, and all the nervous, jittery energy that comes with it. This song comes on, and then Jonathan’s writing – I liked his work on WireTap but this episode went to a different place. Now, to hit myself for being late. [NB]


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