“I can’t fight it off.”

“Edge” by Haim | Long-time readers of this blog would know that I considered Haim a favorite around the time they released Days Are Gone in 2013. And then I got tired of them. I don’t know. Maybe I plunged myself into their stuff too quickly, or maybe they just weren’t up to what I expected. (I lean toward the latter.) I lost interest enough to not find out about “Edge”, a bonus track co-written with Twin Shadow, until a couple of years after the album’s release. And why am I writing about this song today? Expediency. My laptop has failed again – and worse, it seems. And worst of all, my alternate PC is not playing nice, either. Let’s say I write this at the end of Tuesday, after an exhausting day of having no control and being on the verge of suicide. [NB]


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