“Just say it was love.”

“Highlight Reel” by Soft Ledges | For now, it looks like our alternate PC is working well… well, we hope it is the case. And so we continue with what’s good in our inbox. Here’s one from this new band off Chicago called Soft Ledges. I’ve had a listen to their new album, self-released and out in a couple of weeks. It’s this heady mix of brooding piano and, okay, creepy everything else – but it all feels very PJ Harvey to me, so they’re on to something, I’ll say. “Highlight Reel” is the track I’m ought to preview and it captures the sound nicely: it’s dark on the surface but I get this sense, this twinge of redemption at the very end. The album may be a bit challenging, but I think it’s worth a shot or two. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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