Review: Lady Wood by Tove Lo

Lady Wood by Tove LoArguably Tove Lo’s sound has been so ubiquitous since the release of her debut Queen of the Clouds – now I’m writing this review with the mindset that she’s a pop artist, the sort the superficially cool kids wouldn’t touch. That’s weird, because Lady Wood, to be honest, hasn’t really changed a lot of things. It’s still pop with a firm eye on both the pop side of things and the more “credible” sound that her compatriots have been giving dance music these past few years. What Lady Wood has is more focus. The decision to split the album into two – an upbeat first half about the party; a more subdued second half about what happens after – provides a structure that Queen of the Clouds needed, not as much a story but an idea of where this is all headed too. Tendencies to be pop for the sake of being pop aside, Lady Wood manages to be marginally more interesting than its predecessor. Sure, if you’re not predisposed you will find all of this is typical pop, but if you’re into such things and you think you’ve heard it all, this record’s got more to offer. [NB]3/5


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