Review: Eternally Even by Jim James

Eternally Even by Jim JamesThe second solo effort by Jim James is an interesting little thing. On Eternally Even he indulges himself, and we stress on the verb: the 41-minute record is like a long jam, with songs bleeding through, themes recurring more overtly than usual, and things just being more trippy than usual. Perhaps that decision lent to the more psychedelic than usual feel than in Jim’s other solo record, or with his best work for My Morning Jacket. That said, it’s a record you really have to pay attention to, from second one to the very end. Then you might find some of the nuances and appreciate it: how it’s drenched in sunshine while still feeling melancholic (well, that’s Jim’s voice, mostly), how leitmotifs from the beginning continue until the end. Otherwise, it risks being wallpaper music (it does bleed through) where you don’t notice it’s the end until the very end. I think it’s a very odd decision, because I was hoping for more distinct songs that show off Jim’s craft in a shorter time frame. And you can achieve that while being trippy. But, you know, I’m probably reaching. [NB]3/5

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