Review: Jessica Rabbit by Sleigh Bells

Jessica Rabbit by Sleigh BellsSleigh Bells have always been loud. Okay, harsh. And yes, there have always been exceptions, but they’ve built a reputation for being more in your face than most, something that always carried more weight because of the contrasts between Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller. But in their third album, Jessica Rabbit, that contrast takes a back seat, somewhat. Sure, at some points the conflicts stand out – the random tempo changes, the out-of-nowhere moments – and sometimes they’re irresistible, and sometimes you just let it go because that’s what they do. But there are points when everything clicks together: “I Can’t Stand You Anymore” and “Crucible” is a one-two punch pointing towards just where Sleigh Bells can go: a weird melding of their noisy pop and a bit of R&B, even – good pop tunes without the outward compromise. But then they’re still figuring their places out, and the album tends to go up and down in consistency. Maybe next time. But hey, I enjoyed it. [NB]3/5


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