“Please remember me when I’m gone.”

“Remember Me” by Oparu | Here’s another one from the inbox, but unlike yesterday’s entry, this one is brooding. Oparu is otherwise known as Dianna St. Hilaire, originally from Albuquerque but now from Los Angeles, touring with the legendary Kim Fowley before striking it out on her own, and adopting a new name in the process. “Remember Me” is her debut: it’s a quiet little thing, straightforward in its brooding, but lightly wearing its influences, which lean on the darker side of 80s new wave. Not sure about it being animalistic like the press release claims – I was thinking of something gutteral – but this passes muster. It’s evocative electro-pop that doesn’t feel so pop. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


One thought on ““Please remember me when I’m gone.”

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