“When I start to act and think like that, it’s probably time to move.”


“32 & 33” by Honcho Poncho | One last pass through the inbox before we close up shop for the year, and the one I have in my hands today seems – is – fun. Honcho Poncho is a subtly gaudy name for a band, but don’t let that fool you: their music is quite thoughtful. The Seattle-based band just released their album Late Night – self-recorded, their first – a couple of weeks back, and it plays nicely: some gentle alt-country, sort of, with a melodic kick you somehow don’t expect., very much in the tradition of Wilco but with less starry eyed and more Northwestern gloom. “32 & 33” is my standout: it’s just catchy, even if in theory it shouldn’t be, because it is mournful. It is, I’ll say that. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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