“I wanna make you feel better today.”

“Draft” by Youth Portal | This recommendation’s been sitting on my inbox for a month, but only because I already had scheduled everything and I was very keen on taking a three-week break. (And then George Michael died.) So, here’s a suggestion from the guys of Filipino dream-poppers Atomic Sushi: another dream-pop band, this one from Malaysia. Cyberjaya, specifically – so already there’s a bit of dissonance between their home city’s designs as a tech hub and the throwback sound they make. Youth Portal is a pretty new band – they were formed in 2015 – and their music has this calming effect. I say this despite the songs being loops in time – everything repeats – and reasonably sounding like it’s off the grungy, fuzzy 1980s. Yet, the sparse lyrics suggest a sort of lurking sadness. Or maybe that’s just how I interpret things. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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