“Don’t talk about changing nations ’til you can hug yourself.”

“Heart of Man” by Joshua Luke Smith | We’re written about Joshua a few months ago: the rapper from Bath caught our attention for his smooth and relevant (those were the exact words I used) approach to hip-hop. I’ll say this one’s better, or perhaps it’s because we’re all feeling tentative as this new year gets off to whatever a “good start” means these days. “Heart of Man” starts with an explicit reference to the death of Alan Kurdi, the boy whose dead body ended up on the shores of Kos as he and his family attempted to escape Syria – and then goes on to talk about everything else (less explicitly) until that hook comes in. Or at least I call it my hook. “Don’t talk about changing nations ’til you can hug yourself.” I might have misheard it, but I don’t care. Joshua comes across very sincerely here – when you talk about current issues you risk sounding preachy, and while it almost started that way, it thankfully doesn’t. The lack of obvious climaxes mean you stick for the message, and hopefully get it. This one’s now open for download, with proceeds going to the Preemptive Love Coalition. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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