Things without words, part twenty-three: It’s a dub rerecording of a dub record!

“Ma Main” (Dub Edit) by Dubokaj | And now, in a change to previously scheduled programming – for, well, reasons – we head to Switzerland, and we head to dub, a territory we haven’t exactly mined before despite how good it sounds. I mean, we have explored reggae, and we have explored ska, but we haven’t explored dub. But, again, it’s good. Think of it this way: while listening to Alpine Dub Re Dub, the new album from Swiss dub producer Dukobaj – aka Daniel Jakob, of the electro outfit Filewile – I ended up doing extra work without being all begrudging about it. I actually was inspired to write – granted, not one of those essays I’ve long been holding off, but I’ve done some writing. I felt prepped up. Anyway, to this album – as the title suggests, this is a rework of his previous album Alpine Dub, so, essentially, some sort of dub Inception. But the reworks stand nicely – no suggestion that it’s a remake. But perhaps it’s the whole idea of dub wriggling into my head. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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