Review: Again & Against by MilesExperience

Again & Against by MilesExperienceI get this sense of cheekiness, a sense of mischievousness, while listening to Again & Against, the debut full-length from MilesExperience. In its best moments you hear a band relaxed, chilling, and just jamming, their music – jazz-powered rock with a theatrical backdrop and a strong urge to grind – flowing effortlessly. And yet it’s clear that this is their first major outing: I got the feeling of nerves, of wanting to get this right, and while the energy can be irresistible, sometimes it results in a feel that they’re trying too hard. For people bent on evoking an effortlessly sensual atmosphere, it can feel like an awkward first step. That said, the songs, individually, can be quite rousing: “Silakbo” and “Love Supreme” maintain the power they amassed as singles, while “Slow Drive” is an unexpectedly satisfying climax. If the band can channel all that nervous energy into making it sound less, well, nervous, they may be on to a winner. [NB]3/5

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