“It’s time for you to go.”

“Lazarus” by Porcupine Tree | I’ve been making the rounds of European radio stations again – the usual suspects, yes, but, you know, you’ll never know which gem you’ll stumble upon. This one, for instance, is yet another English band I have never heard of, likely because they never really slotted into the Britpop template I was first exposed to. Historically they were a bit more like Pink Floyd, but evolved towards something like metal – that era’s where this song comes from. “Lazarus” came almost at the tail end of the band’s existence; specifically, 2005, from their Deadwing album. Later, the band’s main proponent, musician Steven Wilson, would later focus back on his solo work, to the point that the band simply “no longer exists”, in his words. I’m coming here with no context, but this song feels good despite its inherent sadness. Perhaps this drew me because it sounded like Travis to me – but, well, you know cool people and their putting down of “uncool” acts. But that’s my reference point and I am stick to it. [NB]


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