Review: Oczy Mlody by the Flaming Lips

Oczy Mlody by the Flaming LipsAt this point you can safely call the Flaming Lips weird, especially with their last few records going further down that psychedelic wormhole. Not that it’s a problem: it’s really always been their thing, only this time they’ve managed to experiment with the boundaries more without really declaring it. (Has anybody called their last few albums experimental? I thought so.) Oczy Mlody – it’s a Polish phrase, meaning “eyes of the young” – goes further down that hole, with the album essentially being this big blob of… something. It’s not icky, but it’s a pulsing neon-green blob of something that you don’t want to touch and yet want to poke around with. Lurking underneath the very murky production are themes of innocence, although you can argue it’s too weird and abstract to be taken seriously. But it has to be said: this is not a weird record made for the sake of being weird. It just ended up that way. Arguably, the off-theme final track – “We A Famly”, a leftover from their recording sessions with Miley Cyrus – puts all of the reverb and the surreal Reggie Watts cameos in perspective: the dream is over. Wake up. You have work to do. [NB]3/5


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