Review: Rennen by Sohn

Rennen by SohnSohn’s a good guy, but you’ll only arrive upon this realization when you really zoom in and pay attention to his music and nothing else. And even there the music might have the wrong effect on you. I’ll admit to enjoying bits of Artifice but couldn’t quite take it in concentrated doses, although that’s really because of me more than anything else. Rennen sees him go even more minimal, which means there really was a bigger risk of me drifting off. There’s a handicap. I can tell you that that decision may have been detrimental to the record: there were some nice new flourishes, but then Sohn settles for the old tricks. Since there are fewer of them now, you get the sense that you’ve heard all of this before. It seems much more heightened this time than the last time. But, well, maybe it is just me and my handicap. Maybe another time. [NB] 3/5


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