“To the ends of the earth I will go.”

“Because of Love” by Bianca Rose featuring Ayanna Witter-Johnson | I’ll say this quick: this one’s an easy listen. There’s something about No Fear Here, the new album from British (and Jamaican and Nigerian) singer Bianca Rose. The idea’s simple: a broad spectrum of jazz, your usual inspiration messages interspersed in between (thanks to some well-placed spoken interludes). I was expecting it to be a pleasant background listen, but despite its simplicity, it fought its way through, and fought its way through it did well. It progresses simply enough, from just one guitar (and, in the case of single “Because of Love”, a not-jarring-at-all segue to the cello from Ayanna Witter-Johnson) to some really nifty horns at the end. No fear here, indeed. Message delivered. No Fear Here drops on Monday. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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