“I hope you’ll still be here next year.”

“Oslo” by Anna of the North | It’s nice to focus on a particular country’s radio stations: listen long enough and you hear something they’re really into, something you most definitely have missed. I first thought Anna of the North – otherwise Norwegian singer Anna Lotterund – was an up-and-comer. Well, she is, but as I write this she’s already received some press from tastemakers, so, again, we’re late. But she hasn’t quite exploded yet, considering how I haven’t heard her in English-speaking places with a penchant for vaguely indie electro-pop (hello, Monocle 24) so there is enough time to familiarize yourself with Anna’s icy, subtle music. “Oslo” – the music video just dropped, so that counts as new, right? – might remind you of Chvrches, but unlike that group, this does not feel harsh; there is no need to throw everything down to prove a point. As I often say on this blog, this song creeps up on you. Not sure if that makes for “international superstar” material, but I’d rather have this. [NB]


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