Review: Future Politics by Austra

Future Politics by AustraAustra’s previous album, Olympia, was slightly claustrophobic and yet lush, if not dance-y. On its follow-up – the now unintentionally post-ominously named Future Politics – it swings back to that first bit. With the decision to strip everything back to the basics, and the resulting focus on Katie Stelmanis’ distinctive (and also pared down) delivery, the record feels much more intimate. You end up really confronting what she has to say, which makes for a more powerful record. Okay, maybe it’s also the timing of it all: she did not write Future Politics with recent events in mind, and the themes are pretty similar to Olympia. Now, though, it just feels more forceful without being gimmicky. The risk is in how, now, Austra can’t quite do the same approach for their next album – but now the album’s got this context it never intended to have, it’s interesting to see where they head next. [NB]4/5


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