Review: Yes? No? by Suzy

Yes? No? by SuzyK-pop is definitely going through that once-every-few-years transition, when the old acts split up or go so (or both), and the new acts start dominating the charts and bid for world domination. Miss A‘s Suzy is the next to test the waters: it’s her turn now, after Jia left the group, and Fei tested the solo waters. But Yes? No? has a bit of a higher profile because of her ubiquity in ad campaigns, and her recent forays into drama (lately Uncontrollably Fond, where she played the led and also performed for the soundtrack). This continues her journey from Miss A’s last-minute maknae to mysterious, sultry chanteuse. Assisted by the evocative aesthetic of Wong Kar-wai films (and the production of JYP himself), “Yes No Maybe” is actually one of the more conventional tracks in the record. The pre-release single, “Pretending to be Happy”, makes for a better introduction to the concept, working with Suzy’s limitations to create a wobbly, slinky little treat. (Another example is “Les Preferences”, the lyrics to which she wrote.) As with most K-pop records this mini, at six tracks, is too short to really play up the premise – it feels aborted, yet it contains some promise, and while I’m not sure if the hype will be worth it in the long run, it has given us some gems. [NB]4/5


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