The five (Japanese) songs Tim & Puma Mimi can’t live without

Tim & Puma Mimi released their latest album, Der Die Das, last Friday.

The Five Songs Tim & Puma Mimi Can't Live WithoutWe were feeling adventurous, so, we figured, why not get a foreign act for The Five Songs I Can’t Live Without? We thoroughly enjoyed Swiss-Japanese duo Tim & Puma Mimi’s new album, Der Die Das, which dropped last Friday (and which we wrote about exactly a week ago), so when the opportunity came to get them involved in this thing, we said yes. On this installment they talk about the five Japanese songs (see, there’s a theme, even) they can’t live without – and which has clearly informed their music.


“Twiggy Twiggy”
Pizzicato Five | This Year’s Girl (1991)

Pizzicato Five played in the 90s in Zurich and I missed the show. At that time it was nearly impossible to find Japanese music in the shops, and no Internet. But I found one Pizzicato Five CD. It was going from one room to the next one in our student apartment.


“Magical 8bit Tour”
YMCK | Family Music (2004)

You can hate or love 8-bit. I do both. But YMCK is the most elaborated 8-bit music, I heard so far. First class chanson-swing-8-bit.


“Kung-Fu Ripping”
Love and Hates featuring Afra | L.A.H. (2011)

In Japan, everything is perfect. I missed the handmade attitude, the do-it-yourself style. That’s the reason why we love Love and Hates.


“Hietsuki Bushi”
Omodaka | Sanosa (2011)

Mixing traditional music with electronic music? Maybe like this. Crazy, but it works. Strange feelings guaranteed.


“Socks, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll”
Buffalo Daughter | New Rock (1998)

Socks, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll – that’s what live is all about. In film and TV you see the nice version, but in real live you have the stinky socks. The atmosphere of this song couldn’t be caught better than this.


[Tim & Puma Mimi’s new album, Der Die Das, was released last Friday, and is now available in stores. Photography by Moritz Bichler. Tim and Puma were talking to Niko Batallones.]

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