“…but I want to see you one last time.”

“One Day” by Niki Colet | We’ve been waiting for this song to drop on our inbox since Niki first emailed us about it last week. We’re excited, naturally, because we don’t often get emails from local acts, much more acts we’ve written about before. (I blame Dexter for this particular instance.) I’d like to think this is the first taste we’re getting of a new album from her: this single, “One Day”, definitely has some pedigree behind it, with Nick Lazaro doing producer duties. Damn this song, it’s making me feel things. “This song is about something that didn’t pan out, and the desire to find the answers or closure, or maybe both, one day,” she explained on her Facebook page, and already I was flashing back to one particular scenario I did not want to remember anymore. Perhaps this song’s strongest suit is how real it is: she’s just telling a story, with no metaphors to paper over the unsavory parts, no adornments to the production; it is what it is. And then, as it goes along, you make the same realization she did: things do change, and now all this is just, well, something you laugh about, sort of. Damn it, Niki, not on a Tuesday. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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