Review: Reality & Dreams by Loop

Reality & Dreams by LoopI am late to Loop, admitting as much when I first wrote about them. I heard them from new friends, checked them out, and was surprised at what I heard. The hype surrounding Loop is deceptive; you’d be surprised (or maybe it’s just me?) at how accessible they are. The Iligan-based band continues that streak with new album Reality & Dreams – and no, the fact that it’s recorded in Manila (with assistance from Mayonnaise’s Monty Macalino on one track) doesn’t alter a thing. It’s still feel-good pop-rock, again buoyed by the enchanting voice of Kim Trinidad – 75% 90s throwback, 25% person you want to hang out with but are afraid of because she says the right things at the right time. While the record started a bit too loud for my liking, it settled down to this nice groove reminiscent of, again, 90s alternative acts, the sort with no pretension or irony – I’m thinking of the Sundays or Moonpools and Caterpillars. You come in thinking you’ll have to exert some effort making sense of this band everybody likes, but no. Reality & Dreams welcomes you with open arms. [NB]4/5


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