A week of Meteor Garden, day one: the boys that made it possible

“絕不能失去你” by F4 | This week Shalla and I are flying to Taipei, so what better time to revisit Meteor Garden? Yes, that Taiwanese television series that took the Philippines by storm roughly fourteen years ago. Ah, those were the days. I was just 14. My sister and cousin – one and two years behind, respectively – were really into this series. I can’t remember who they were into, but I’m pretty sure one was for Vic Zhou and another was for Vanness Wu. Me, I just watched the series, keenly interested. This song was everywhere when the show was. Even the radio stations that usually wouldn’t play anything that’s not in English did. This was inescapable, and so it was seared in our collective memories, that when Meteor Garden was aired again on ABS-CBN (with much fanfare) this became the de facto theme song, and not the actual theme song, which we’ll write about tomorrow. (Apparently, turns out, this is the theme song to the second season of Meteor Garden, which I enjoyed less because… who the hell is that girl?) But why not? Growing up we saw everybody imitate F4 – Jerry and Vic and Ken and Vanness, pointing to the sky, moving their arms at just the right speed. So dreamy, so optimistic. What a world that was back then. [NB]


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