A week of Meteor Garden, day two: the show’s actual theme song

“情非得已” by Harlem Yu | For a moment I was distressed to learn that the F4 song I wrote about yesterday is not Meteor Garden‘s theme tune, and then I remembered that it’s this one – and I remembered that I liked it very much. Let’s put it this way: F4 was a childhood thing, so to speak. This song, I quite enjoyed. There is a bit of a carefree feel to this one – consider how idyllic high school could seem, more so in a place that’s colder and more picturesque than the Philippines will ever be. (The first time I went to Taipei, I stayed in a place across an elementary school. Close enough.) Anyway, this tune – Harlem Yu is a veteran in the Mandopop scene, having released his debut in 1986 and continuing to do so steadily. So that explains the gravitas this song has when I heard it the first time around. So assured. And, well, so picturesque. [NB]

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