A week of Meteor Garden, day three: that feels-y end theme

“你要的愛” by Penny Tai | I was looking through the Meteor Garden soundtrack and just realized that almost all of the songs are Western ones – and, notably, they’re relatively cheesy ballads. Looking back, it makes things much more picturesque, eh? A couple are from Taiwanese artists, and then there’s this one, from a Malaysian. Penny Tai got her start from a songwriting competition in Kuala Lumpur, but was offered a recording contract in Taiwan, so there she went, and here we are. When Harley Wu’s theme song was comforting, this one is cathartic with a capital C – although it did not prepare our weak little hearts for what was to happen next. (This clip of Shan Cai running after Dao Ming Si which closed an early episode is oft-parodied and much-remembered.) (Also, that clip had this song. Talk about gloopy.) (Also, poor oranges!) This one had the right amount of growl for us to channel those frustrations. Anyway, while Penny remains best known for that song, she’s also released a bunch of other albums, as a solo artist and as a band. But, still, this. [NB]


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