“We may choose to die, love, or we may never stop listening.”

“Never Stop Listening” by Trapdoor Social | Well, this one’s rousing. Set aside the angle of this video being powered by a trip to the site of the much-contested Dakota Access Pipeline, of how it came from a trip there by the band to help the protesters out. “Never Stop Listening” – this song from LA duo-turned-quintet Trapdoor Social – is pretty rousing. I would do it a disservice if I limit it to this one issue alone: it’s perhaps a song that we need for these times. It’s not one of those songs where the earnestness is incredibly heavy-handed: I can hear this in many settings and you wouldn’t feel gross about it. And then you dig deep about the band being into all these causes (and touring in a solar-powered trailer, even) and you realize this is all par for the course. If you’re in Cincinnati, you might get a glimpse of them. But I am half a world away, so we have this song, which is pretty good. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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