“Doesn’t it feel much better when you’ve had a better day than yesterday?”

“So Human” by Lady Sovereign | I do follow through on my plans. I did listen again to Couleur 3, and while I can’t write about this French song because I can’t find any lyrics to it, I will write about this song they played on the same stretch. Also, I have a question. Whatever happened to Lady Sovereign? When I was still stumbling my way into British music, she, somehow, was up there on the list. Maybe it’s the ill-informed “novelty” of a female rapper. Maybe it’s me actually liking “9 to 5”. (As well as “Nine2Five”, the one with the Ordinary Boys.) Ah, the days when I was still stumbling towards British music, when everything was (to me) fresh and new and ripe for the learning and understanding. And now you play some songs more than others, and some songs you like fall by the wayside, only to be rediscovered. So whatever happened to Lady Sovereign? She hasn’t released anything since Jigsaw back in 2009. There’s this thing about her coming out as gay and getting involved in a spitting scuffle in Australia. And then, no leads. [NB]

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