Review: Shortcomings by Hana ACBD

Shortcomings by Hana ACBDWhat I liked about Hana ACBD – at least, as I wrote it the first time a year ago – is how her sound is a clash of two similar, yet disparate, shades that somehow work together. On Shortcomings, her second EP, it comes into full frame. The perception you usually get with artists of a more laidback persuasion is that it’s way too horizontal, but Hana – now based in Los Angeles – keeps things simple and frills-free, not relying on affectations that scream “chill”. Instead, she lets her minimal production – and that voice of hers – take center stage. I have some problems with the album’s pacing: the short tracks at the beginning threw me off, and just when I was getting into “Trust Fall”, I was already halfway through the EP. That meant I really did want more as the record ended. But should you want more? For all its simplicity and sturdiness, for lack of a better term, Shortcomings is a quaint little thing that you cannot rush, or demand to stay on for longer than it should. [NB]4/5


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