“…yet I never see you around.”

“We Are Trouble” by Strange Hellos | This song was pretty hard to find, since a search for Strange Hellos the band always brings me to “Strange Hellos” the song. It’s not strange; it’s just annoying. But, well, the allure of the pulsing sounds of this Norwegian supergroup (whatever that means these days) is too much to resist. So, Strange Hellos. A supergroup, in the sense that its members are players in the Norwegian indie pop scene: Odd Martin Skålnes, for one, produced Aurora’s debut album, while vocalist Birgitta Alida Hole also leads Lumikide. They released this song a few months back, and yet another chance listen on NRK P13 has introduced me to this bright (considering they released this in the throngs of winter), sunny, fuzzy pop delight. And what a delight it is, although playing this in a place where the AC is pointed at your head, blasting cold air at you, doesn’t add to the atmosphere. This is best served warm, perhaps under the sun. With a beach ball. If that is your thing. [NB]


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