Review: My Voice by Taeyeon

My Voice by TaeyeonAs Girls’ Generation – perhaps the most important girl group in K-pop, or at least its second wave – hurtles towards their tenth year, their members continue to go solo. Well, only four have, and one of them only did a single – and we’re coming back to Taeyeon, again and again, because of her leader status and the fact that she’s definitely the group’s vocal powerhouse. My Voice is her first full-length album, after two minis and two solo singles, and it rectifies one of my (perhaps nitpicky) complaints with her last release Why: there’s light and shade. It’s risky giving her a single that’s neither a ballad nor a dance track, but “Fine” eventually settles down into something fun. There’s a sense of experimentation around the album – “I Got Love” refuses to stick in one lane and ends up being compelling – while the second half focuses squarely on her distinct voice. But, despite its name, My Voice feels much like an album done by remote. Perhaps it’s because it came so soon, or perhaps there are elements lost in translation (or lack thereof, for me). But proficient the record may be, I can’t help but feel like Taeyeon isn’t invested in it. What’s missing? I don’t know. Maybe we ought to go wait for Girls’ Generation’s inevitable tenth anniversary comeback. [NB]3/5


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