Review: The Search for Everything: Wave Two by John Mayer

The Search for Everything: Wave Two by John MayerNow, Wave Two – four more tracks from John Mayer’s The Search for Everything; the next release will be of the whole album’s, so the wait, as it turns out, was not as long as we thought. When he released Wave One I pondered what the point of breaking up the album was. I still don’t, and so I still can’t help but think I’m missing the album’s full force as I listen to it in four song blocks rather than as, I assume, twelve songs. Even listening to the two releases together gets me nothing. It is still John exploring everything he’s done before, resulting in a pleasant yet unsatisfyingly incoherent record – like he’s doing a recital. But “Helpless” gets close to the Continuum-like heights I pondered last time, because it is the closest we have to a record from that album. It’s a good, bluesy delight that breaks up the surprising monotony – only for all of it to come crashing back down with Americana-esque “Roll It On Home”. But maybe that’s sequencing. [NB]3/5

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