Review: R U Ready? by Lovelyz

R U Ready? by LovelyzLoud and bold, the cover is a delicious mix of gamboge and fuchsia. You’d think Lovelyz would give you shockingly bubblegum tracks in this latest release, now that they’d fallen victim to the trendy Twice aesthetic (for lack of a better term), but no. Save for the intro track, the album starts with the single “WoW!”, which touches on the sounds of today (you know, aegyo and bubblegum and all that) while trying to stay true to the Lovelyz brand. Quite ambitious, actually. I am constantly reminded of a verse from SNSD’s “I Got A Boy” and their previous release “Destiny” while listening to it, which isn’t a bad thing. I just get weirded out, I guess. The album goes on softly and quietly – decrescendo. It’s something you can listen to periodically throughout the day. Heck, it’s an actual day-to-night album. “Night and Day”, “Cameo” and “Knock Knock” (yes they also have a “Knock Knock”!) are some of the exceptional tracks, with the first being my favorite of the bunch. I love how it quietly dies down with “나의 연인” to, like, lull you to sleep. Like I said, a day-to-night album. [SY]4/5

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