“Come on out. Don’t be another fool.”

“My Girl You Blush” by Moi Caprice | Here’s another one from the Danish, because lately I’m gravitating back to P6 Beat, perhaps in an attempt to be, err, alternative again. This one’s old, though. Twelve years old, in fact: this was released from the 2005 album You Can’t Say No Forever. But I think what attracts me to most Danish alternative is how, err, fuzzy is all sounds. I didn’t want to say “twee” but there’s a synonym I can’t protest against. Moi Caprice – they were founded in 1993, so they’re definitely veterans – may have the crunch, but this song, at least, has that dreamy element. Perhaps not as dreamy as, say, Shy Shy Shy, but you get the idea. This bounces along, but keeps half of you in dreamland. It’s discombobulating, perhaps, but the good kind. [NB]


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