Review: In Mind by Real Estate

In Mind by Real EstateThere was some concern that Real Estate would be reeling from the departure of their guitarist Matt Mondanile, but In Mind proves them otherwise… somewhat. Essentially, the band regrouped: Martin Courteney recruited new guitarist Julian Lynch and proceeded as usual. The record is typical Real Estate: charming, enchanting, comforting, with Courteney’s sensitive lyrics mingling nicely with that tug you often hear from the 70s records the band have always taken as an inspiration. But without Matt’s space-y keyboards, it has to try a little harder to get your attention. At times it feels the record is being a little too low-key, but it does grow on you, somewhat, as it progresses. At other times you have the niggling expectation of a rather more drastic upheaval in sound – by this point things have settled and you’re into their mindset – but, well, a change in hooks aside, the band hasn’t really fundamentally changed. And yet it has. And yet it hasn’t. [NB]3/5


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