Review: Girl’s Day Everyday #5 by Girl’s Day

Girl's Day Everyday #5 by Girl's DayI’m not supposed to be reviewing this mini, Girl’s Day’s first release in just under two years. This was Shalla’s assignment, but at the last minute she told me she wasn’t feeling the album. Foreshadowing? The last time they released new music, I was not yet fully into K-pop, and in a few months I would know Hyeri for her many CFs while we were in Seoul. (This or this? This.) There is some degree of anticipation for this girl group that seemed (still seems?) to be on the verge of parting ways, so here I am, writing, despite what little context I have. All I know is, while they do have memorable songs, Girl’s Day has not quite carved a memorable niche. You just know it’s them, but there’s no signature sound. Everyday #5 left me a bit adrift: it didn’t quite know where to go, although for this mini they have somewhat settled towards a vaguely retro 80s sound. You know, like Mamamoo, but with more hints of innocence. That’s the impression “I’ll Be Yours” gave, but then it shifted one way, and then another. “Love Again” is where everything commits nicely, but after that they’ve lost me, I’m afraid. [NB]3/5


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