“It’s better to hurt with all you are than live a lie.”

“Better” by emaé | I’ll be honest about this one: what else is there to say? I often don’t have a hard time pointing out something about a particular song that really stands out to me, but this one… well, it just washes you over. “It’s soulful” is the least I could say; the rest, you’ll have to listen to figure out. emaé (small letters everywhere) is from Scotland and has been around the past couple of years, with touches of gospel permeating across that soul. “Better” is the lead track off her new album of the same name, and, again, this is one song you just allow to wash you over. There’s nothing else to it: a piano, that vocal, that’s it. That’s it. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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