“…and one of them is how bad I need you.”

“Issues” by Julia Michaels | This is this blog’s 2000th post (one is hidden) and we’re devoting it to the fact that I did just listen to a whole day of Swedish pop radio. The discovery is this one from Julia Michaels, who is American, and has what I’ll call pretty juicy delivery for the chorus. That, and it never quite goes over the edge, which I found refreshing – because, yes, I listened to a whole day of Swedish pop radio (P3, if you ask) and I’m half-surprised at how familiar it sounds. Half, because Sweden is home to so many hit producers these days, and you know how that has influenced a lot of people. There was this Zedd track that battered Alessia Cara‘s voice (which I love) to an almost unrecognizable pulp, for instance. The only reminder that it’s all different is the lack of ads and, for the most part, a lack of English in between the songs. There was a Dua Lipa interview. [NB]


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